The beginning of the 2017-2018 hunting season actually began a bit rough. Dove hunting was a bit slower than expected (mostly because we just don’t have the prime properties anymore) and teal just hadn’t seem to have arrived yet. 

The Colorado duck hunting opener was decent but was followed by a couple week warm spell that shut things off. Around the beginning of November, we had a good cold spell that pushed some ducks in. Club hunters were able to get some long awaited shooting in and our properties didn’t disappoint. 

Colorado Goose Hunting season began In mid-November and it didn’t seem to slow from that point on. Joe began the season up in Wellington and moved around at his heart’s desire. James and Wes also joined the Birds & Bucks crew on a more permanent basis and reported being “sick and tired” of landing hundreds of geese and needing to wait for them to leave before beginning decoy pick up detail. 

Every time we became concerned about hunting becoming slow, a new push of birds would arrive. 8-9 person limits were even shot on a few occasions. 

The last month showed some “burnout” of birds so we moved to the ice. Once again, birds were plentiful and limits came often. As the weather became warmer towards the end, we found ourselves back in the fields and pounding away at the northward migration of honkers. 

All in all, last season was one for the ages and we had a blast getting to know new people and spending time with returners.